High Volume Injection with Dry Needling

An effective treatment option in chronic tendinopathies

What is a High Volume injection with dry needling?

A tendionpathy occurs when a tendon is unable to adapt to the strain being placed upon it. Micro trauma will occur within the tendon and the body will attempt to heal itself.

As part of this healing process very small blood vessels will grow from the tendon sheath into the tendon itself. The new blood vessels will bring with them new nerves and these are thought to be a contributor to on going tendon pain. Exactly why the body responds like this is not fully understood as it does not appear to produce any significant improvement.

A High Volume injection involves injecting a solution of saline and anesthetic between the tendon and tendon sheath. The solution separates the tendon sheath from the tendon which breaks the problematic nerves and blood vessels. This in turn helps to reset the ineffective healing process and reduces pain.

Dry needling involves repeatedly inserting a fine needle into the tendon. The effect of this will be to stimulate an acute inflammatory response and therefore kick start the healing process.

A combination of this treatment followed by correct tendon rehabilitation can be an effective solution to more chronic tendon pathology.

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