Two months since CWIF
SCC Flyer

It’s now been two months since we launched Sheffield Climbing Clinic at the Climbing Works International Festival (CWIF) and we wanted to give an update on how things are going and some background on why we started the clinic.

For the last two years our Nutritionist Ed, Dr Lim and myself have worked together at the Whitehouse Clinic. Myself as part of the physiotherapy team and Ed and Dr lim as part of BUPA Sheffield.

Since starting to climb together regularly, Ed and myself soon realised we both have an interest in helping climbers. Ed is currently undertaking a PhD at Sheffield Hallam University researching ‘Nutritional Considerations for Climbers’ and I have been to the last two BMC climbing injury symposiums in 2016 and 2018.

This joint interest sparked the idea of setting up a clinic that is dedicated to providing up to date treatment for climbers.

We also wanted to provide a whole service which included medical support as well as physiotherapy and nutritional support. Fortunately, we had a highly experienced Sports and Exercise Medicine Consultant working in the same building. Although Dr Lim is not a climber himself, he has worked with elite athletes for many years and understands how to assess and treat sporting injuries to a very high standard.  

So far things at the clinic are going well. Climbers are starting to find out about our services and so far, the feedback has been great. Due to the fact we all work in the same building we are able to obtain advice from each other and discuss cases to ensure we are providing the best treatment possible.

We’re always looking forward to expanding our knowledge base. Dr lim continues to work with the English Institute of Sport in Manchester, Ed has finished collecting his first set of data for his PhD which involved analysing the body composition and dietary habits of over 30 climbers and I continue to work towards my qualification for the use of Diagnostic Ultrasound.

Most importantly myself and Ed continue to try improve our climbing and have been getting outside regularly!



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