Team Sends - Winter 18/19

Summary of the climbs our team have sent this winter

                                                   Our Physio James on his first 7B, Marks Roof at Gardoms Edge

Well the winter is well and truly over but what a great one it was! Both myself and our Nutritionist Ed managed to tick our first 7B's on gritstone. We also managed a fair few other climbs and thought we'd share our sends as well as let you know our projects for next winter.

Here's a list of the problems we ticked between us during the Winter of 18/19;

Crash 'n' Gurn - 7A - Burbage South

Highrishman - 7A+ - Burbage South

Breakfast - 7A - Burbage West

Marks Roof - 7B - Gardoms Edge

Hanging Prow - 7A+ -Burbage South Quarries

The Attitude Inspector - 7A - Burbage South Edge

Men in Small Cars - 7B - Rowtor Rocks

Blood Falls - 7A+ - Rowtor Rocks

Bus Stop Mantel - 7B - Rowtor Rocks

Early Doors - 7A+ - Curbar

Trackside - 7A - Curbar

A Fist Full of Beagles - 7A+ - Baslow Edge

Razor Roof - 6C - Cratcliffe

Egg Arete - 6B - Cratcliffe

Cubic Block Traverse - 7A - Brimham Rocks

The Pommel - 6C+ - Brimham Rocks

Zaff's Problem - 7B - Secret Garden

The Harder Side - 7A - Secret Garden

Stretch and Mantel - 6C - The Roaches

Monochrome - 7B - Burbage North

We had a great time working our way through these problems. A lot of cold evenings making use of our trusty floodlights but there's something nice about being out in the peak district on a chilly winters evening (well we think so anyway, most people would think we're mad!)

We're now into a bit of summer training as well as bouldering on the limestone and a bit of grit here and there.

A couple of climbs we've got our eye on for next winter include;

Famous Grouse - 7B+ - Burbage West

Deliverance - 7B+ - Stanage Plantation

Bass Monkeys - 7C - Stanage Plantation

The Terrace - 7C - Burbage North

Wish us luck!



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