Surgical Pathway Set Up

A new surgical pathway with climbing specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Mike Hayton

Surgery is something that no climber ever wants to go through but we think it’s important to have procedures in place in case the worse happens and it is required.

I have recently been in contact with Manchester based Orthopaedic hand, wrist and elbow surgeon Mr Mike Hayton who has operated on pro climbers such as Molly Thompson-Smith and Matt Cousins over recent years.

Mr Hayton has given his stamp of approval to our climbing clinic and provided us with his direct contact details in case we need to urgently refer a climber for a surgical consultation.

He has also stated he would do his best to accommodate climbers on his NHS list meaning treatment would all be covered by the NHS.

Hopefully this pathway is something we never need to use but it’s reassuring to have it in place.

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