Golfers elbow in climbers

An outline of pain felt on the inside of the elbow from rock climbing

A while back I sat down with Tom Randall from Lattice Training to discuss all things related to golfers elbow aka medial elbow tendinopathy.

Golfers elbow can be a frustrating condition and one that can often stick around for a long time, however from our experience they respond well to an appropriate rehab program that is tailored to you.

In this video we discuss;

  • What is golfers elbow?
  • What is tendinitis and what is tendinopathy?
  • Biggest causes
  • Common rehab approaches
  • Is icing useful
  • Is stretching useful

If you are struggling with golfers elbow or any elbow pain related to climbing and you want to find out how best to resolve it then feel free to book an in-person or video consultation with us via our online booking system.

Thanks, James

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