Climbing Coach Alex Hithersay joins our team

We now offer individualised climbing coaching from our Sheffield based coach

Very pleased to announce that climbing coach Alex Hithersay is joining our team at Sheffield Climbing Clinic!

Since starting the climbing clinic myself and Ed have both noticed that during physio or nutrition consultations we often get asked questions about different aspects of training for climbing such as fingerboarding, campusing, strength and conditioning and how to improve specific weaknesses.

During the regular coaching sessions Alex takes at the climbing works he often gets questions about injuries and diet. After many discussions between each other over the months about all these factors we thought we’d combine our knowledge and officially work together!

We feel that the knowledge of an experienced climbing coach is invaluable and enables climbers to make the transition from recovery of injury to regaining a high level of climbing performance.

Alex is a highly experienced coach having worked at the climbing works since 2014. He is also qualified in BMC physical training levels 1 and 2 as well as being 'development coach' trained by the BMC.

He also knows a thing or two about recovering from injury after rupturing his left distal bicep in July 2017, which required surgery. Within 9 months he was back to bouldering 7A and is now back to bouldering 7C. Pretty impressive!

Alex offers climbing assessments, training programs and 1-1 sessions so check out our services page for more details

We will also be offering a free advice service between disciplines so for example if you see Alex for coaching and want some advice about an injury and/or nutrition myself or Ed will be happy to contact you about it.

Exiting times!

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