Nutrition Packages

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£200 / 6 weeks
Core+ £250 / 12 weeks
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The ‘Core’ is the foundation for all our packages and features the essential services required to provide comprehensive nutritional support, which includes:

- Initial consultation (60 mins) at our main clinic or remotely via video call
- Dietary analysis with report
- Body composition testing (ISAK profile or BIA)*
- Individualised nutritional guidance for a 6 week training block, including meal planning and recommended supplements
- Email / messaging contact throughout
- Access to professional diet tracking app
- 30 min follow up online consultation

*for face-to-face visits only

The ‘Core plus’ package is as above but extended to 12 weeks of support.

- Extended guidance to support multiple training cycles and goals


£350 / 12 weeks
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The ‘Advanced’ package takes dietary precision to the next level, with a highly accurate assessment of metabolic rate using indirect calorimetry and an additional consultation in clinic.

- Improve the precision of your nutritional programme with an accurate measure of your  unique energy requirements
- Helps to establish a ‘safety net’; minimising any risk associated with long term weight-loss
- Includes a follow up consultation in clinic


£425 / 12 weeks
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The ‘Peak’ is our top level package and suited to high performing athletes. With all the features of the ‘Advanced’ package, it also includes analysis of biochemical markers of nutritional status (iron/Vit D) and a detailed competition strategy.

- Low energy availability may contribute to iron deficiency which can compromise health, training adaptation, and performance
- Vitamin D can have a profound effect on bone health, immunity, inflammation, and muscle function – sun exposure is limited when training indoors and/or during winter months
- Maximise your competition performance with a bespoke strategy to optimise your power, focus and recovery at competition

Individual Consultations

£50 / Hour
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You can book an individual consultation or follow-up appointment for £50/hour.

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