Body Composition Analysis

Valuable insight into the composition of your body

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£40 // 30 mins

A combination of mass, height, skinfold measurements & girths are taken to determine body fat, muscle mass and somatotype data. Any changes in muscle mass and subcutaneous body fat caused by a result of a training and/or nutritional intervention can be measured. This type of testing is ideal for recreation and elite climbers looking to achieve or maintain the ideal physique for health and performance.

Bio-electrical Impedance

£20 // 10 mins

This non-invasive test simply involves the placement of electrodes on the person’s hand and right foot.  Body composition is measured by sending a low, safe electrical current through the body. The current passes freely through the fluids contained in muscle tissue, but encounters resistance when it passes through fat tissue; body fat and muscle mass levels are then calculated by the device (Body Stat 1500). This type of testing is a fast, practical way for those looking to assess body composition before and during weight loss to monitor changes.

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