Testing & Profiling

A 2 hour session testing your finger strength, pulling strength, leg strength, core tension, as well as upper and lower body mobility.

What is Testing and Profiling?

This session is for experienced climbers/boulderers operating in the 7's font grade. Over the 2 hours you will be:

- Guided through an upper body and lower body mobility test,
- Tested on your half crimp on a 18/20mm edge (if you have a specific grip you want to test, for example, 3 finger drag this can be tested as well)
- Tested on your pulling strength via strict form pull ups a 5 rep max or a 2 rep max.
- Tested on your Hamstring strength, core strength and core engagement exercises.

After the session you'll get an email running you through your result and two different personalised workouts to help structure your training session and set you on the right path for future projects.

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